China’isms – Part One

Today was bring your wife to work day! We’re on the outbound to shanghai by way of train – supplier visit – train – supplier visit- train. Since we checked out of the hotel room this morning I tagged along to LongChen and hid out in the corner of their conference room sucking up the free WiFi to push peanut butter whiskey on the masses while they plotted a world takeover one EGR valve at a time.

After working all day, we packed up our things to go grab dinner before we had to catch our train. A few of the people from the company were coming with us so everyone began to pile into a van that just pulled up. Another guy, myself and Tate all cozied up into the third row and no sooner than we had gotten settled the others began chattering outside insisting another tiny gal switch places with the Chinese guy back here with us. So rumps-in-faces they seat-salsa’ed around.

We made it about twenty feet down the road before the driver stopped and another guy in the middle row hopped out, having decided he would drive his own car to meet us instead. At this, they all insisted Tate move from the cramped back seat into the second row and immediately couldn’t keep the shit-eating grin off my face.

I knew an explanation would be completely lost in translation, so I leaned up and half whispered to Tate through my giggles that we now know, without a doubt, why it’s called a Chinese fire drill.

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