Preparing for The People’s Republic

Chinese Visa - American Chinese Visa - Travelling to China - How to get a Chinese VisaTwo weeks from today, at about this exact time, we will be touching down in Shanghai.

I reflect back on our other Asian adventures with a lot of fond memories and laughs, but this time I just don’t even know what to expect. Our other trips were always just for fun, we were together nonstop exploring and adventuring… eating and drinking our way through the cities we were in.

This trip will bring a lot of challenges, for one it’s my first time working day in and day out somewhere other than my office or my house. Sure I’ve logged some hours designing in coffee shops or airplanes or a hotel room for a day or two, but never week after week. I find myself getting anxious, wanting to prove myself. To my knowledge, this is the first time our company has ever let a designer do something like this and I carry a lot of pride in not only the work I produce but also what I bring to the table as an employee.

Secondly, I’ll be on my own most workdays since Tate will be off at his company’s office there. I’ve already scouted out a lot of local cafes and coffee shops in the city we are staying in (Wuhan, China — a “small” town of nearly 10 million people just west of Shanghai) not to mention our hotel has a pool and a gym for when I need a breather. (Camera pans to me sipping Singapore Slings poolside whilst a cabana boy fans me and my laptop)

Irregardless, I truly am looking forward to it. It may not be the dream getaway one would hope for but I do feel like it’s a very cool opportunity and I have no reason not to seize it! The whole reason I subjected myself to the grueling Chinese visa process, and took Tate up on his offer to tag along to begin with was because of the chances we would have to travel once over there. The best part is after a few weeks of work, we’ve got time to travel around doing our own thing before hopping a plane back stateside.

We’re still buttoning down our plans, but right now we’ll be venturing to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and the Philippines on top of the general wandering around China itself.

I’ve downloaded a variety of books to keep me company on the 14 hour flight westbound. I’ve got my phone loaded up with about 13 new apps ranging from translation, to texting to ride sharing for 3 countries. We’ve booked a handful of hotels, and started adding to our “must see” and “must eat” lists.  We’ve got house-sitters and plant-waters and lawn-mowers and dog-watchers. Now we just enjoy the tail-end of summer here in Middle America and count down the days!

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